Reliable 24/7 DDoS Protection by Blindspot

Blindspot's DDoS protection service stands as a robust shield against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, aiming to secure your infrastructure comprehensively and guarantee uninterrupted business operations. Entrust your network's defense to our vigilant protection service and fortify the resilience of your business against cyber adversities.

DDoS are more common than you think


Attacks on the average customer per year


Attacks are multi-vector

Protected infrastructure
for your peace of mind

24/7 support and dedicated security consultants

No implementation time. Blindspot works out of the box.

Automated protection using advanced machine learning algorithms.

And also...

Stops a wide scale of attacks

Customizable deployment model

Stops a wide scale of attacks

DDoS protection as a 24/7 service

Blindspot provides complete DDoS protection.It includes state-of-the-art components for attack detection and mitigation. All backed by our global network and data centers.

How Blindspot works

The key to an effective defense against DDoS attacks is correctly detecting the attack. Blindspot evaluates network traffic 1 in real-time and uses unique behavioral analysis and machine learning technology to find anomalies. Once it automatically detects an attack 2 it redirects the traffic to a scrubbing center 3 and begins iteratively generating dynamic signatures until all attack vectors are fully repelled and sent to target infrastructure 4

Automatic adaptive detection is a key element in the overall system, followed by other Blindspot components.

Neutralizing all known DDoS attacks with Blindspot

All information about current potential threats is always in your sight. In real time.


3 mitigations



3 IP addresses



664 Mbps
11 450 PPS


457 / 1 200 mbps

0 connections down

We offer multiple methods of implementing protection for your network

Your own detection

You detect the attacks yourself and every attack you recognize you send to Blindspot and it downloads and shields it.

You do not share your data

The detection is in your hands

No latency when not attacking

Detection by Blindspot

Place a probe on your network or at a Blindspot and send sflow samples that allow attacks to be detected.

You can use current uplinks

You don't have to deal with detections

Simple to manage and maintain

Frequently asked

It depends on the mode of use of the service. Our security consultants will guide you through the entire Blindspot deployment process. They will test the deployment and confirm the operational readiness of the service.

Blindspot provides a customizable deployment model.


Available models are:

On-demand -- when a DDoS attack is detected, traffic is redirected to our DDoS cleanup center.

Hybrid -- combines DDoS protection appliances hosted in the customer's infrastructure with Blindspot's cloud-based DDoS protection.

It is a cloud-based service. Blindspot is available in major data centers in Europe, the US and APAC on its own infrastructure and through partners in over 2000 data centers worldwide on direct Ethernet ports. Connections can also be made via the GRE tunnel.

Our security team has developed procedures for rapid implementation using the GRE tunnel. Blinspot is ready to protect customer infrastructure in this mode within hours.

Absolutely. Blindspot is a service that evolves over time and is constantly updated to protect the customer's infrastructure.

Contact us at the contacts below or provide us with your contact details in the contact form and we will get back to you. Our security consultant will discuss your requirements with you and suggest the best solution. After a mutually agreed solution, we will prepare a quote for you and implement it quickly.

Yes it is as Blindspot is a service we offer to customers to protect their infrastructure from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps of legitimate traffic.

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