Blindspot was born out of our own need

Several years ago, we embarked on a journey towards embracing novel technologies, aiming to carve out a sustainable competitive edge through innovation rather than merely following industry trends. As we strive to reach every corner of the globe, our venture has flourished into becoming the preferred partner for customers with exceptionally demanding requirements, a testament to the value and solutions Blindspot consistently delivers.

What are we striving for


Being a world - renowned cyber security company


Be flexible in settings and handover of the service according to customer needs.


Being experts for cyber security due to the constant education of our specialists.

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Blindspot Technologies

Is a strategic partner to customers who consider their Cyber Security a mission-critical issue. Customers across the world rely on our DDoS protection solutions. Based on the latest Deep Learning and Cloud technologies, we protect vital infrastructure, revenue and reputation.

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We specialize in the latest technology

We supply a new generation of Cyber Security solutions, revolutionary network products in respect to network automation and service oriented infrastructure. We also specialize in the up-to-date private openstack Cloud technologies and software defined storage solutions.

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Blindspot protection

Networks, infrastructure and applications are increasingly being the target of attacks. The call for a solution that would protect its own infrastructure and prevent the unavailability of services is answered by the DDoS protection solutions. The experience of running data networks is defined by the basic parameters of Blindspot: Always-on, fast deployment and deep overview.

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