Global Network

Blindspot's global network is meticulously engineered to fortify your infrastructure, applications, and APIs against cyber threats. With substantial global traffic capacity and adept DDoS mitigation capabilities, Blindspot stands as a formidable ally in safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

2 000 +

Partner Data Centers

5+ Tbps


10 +

Blindspot Data Centers

Why Blindspot is your choice for reliable protection

Leveraging Radware Technology

OOur alliance with Radware, a global frontrunner in DDoS protection solutions, empowers us to bolster the security of your networks and online services against DDoS onslaughts.

Premier Data Center Infrastructure

Blindspot's backbone network, anchored by major data centers strategically situated across Europe, forms the foundation of our cutting edge 1.5 Tbps global network.

Integration with Tier-1 Providers

Our infrastructure boasts connectivity with Tier-1 Internet providers, Internet exchanges, and local networks in each designated location, ensuring an uninterrupted packet delivery.

Proactive cyber attack prevention

Blindspot is a cloud-based service that continuously scans and automatically scrubs incoming traffic during an attack, ensuring that only clean, attack-free traffic is allowed access to your applications. This meticulous filtering process helps maintain a secure and uninterrupted operational landscape for your digital assets.

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