Global Network

Blindspot’s industry-leading global network capacity, coupled with cutting-edge DDoS mitigation capabilities ensures unwavering protection of your critical digital assets. Our technology and products ensure seamless business continuity and protect your infrastructure, applications and APIs from evolving cyber threats. Trust Blindspot to maintain the integrity and availability of your digital environment, ensuring peace of mind in an ever-connected world.

2 000 +

Data Centers availability

5+ Tbps


10 +

Blindspot Data Centers

Why Blindspot is your choice for reliable protection

Leveraging Radware Technology

Our alliance with Radware, a global frontrunner in DDoS protection solutions, empowers us to bolster the security of your networks and online services against DDoS onslaughts.

Premier Data Center Infrastructure

Blindspot's backbone network, anchored by major data centers strategically situated across Europe, forms the foundation of our cutting edge 5 Tbps global network.

Integration with Tier-1 Providers

Our infrastructure boasts connectivity with Tier-1 Internet providers, Internet exchanges, and local networks in each designated location, ensuring an uninterrupted packet delivery.

Advanced cyber defense with proactive attack prevention

Blindspot’s intelligent cloud-based solution proactively monitor and scrub incoming traffic in real-time to effectively isolate and neutralize malicious cyber threats. By allowing only authenticated and clean traffic to reach your applications, our dynamic filtering system maintains a strengthened and seamless operating environment for your digital infrastructure. Rely on Blindspot to ensure constant vigilance and uncompromising security to protect your digital boundaries.

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